“Reaching the top 5 would be fantastic”: Mathéo Tuscher ready for GP3 race in Austria

juin 19, 2015 · 1 durée de lecture (min)

Short interview of Swiss GP3 Series racing driver Mathéo Tuscher, sponsored by Fischer Connectors, prior to the race in Austria, Red Bull Ring (19-21 June 2015)


How do you feel about the next GP3 Series World Championship race in Austria?


I feel confident and believe my team will do well in this race. Even though we made some mistakes in the first race in Barcelona, so didn’t win any points, we have what it takes to reach the top 8 or even top 5 and score the points we need. The Red Bull Ring’s track is not as rough as Barcelona’s, so our tyres should hold up better. Reaching the top 5 would be fantastic!

How do you think this 2015 season compares with 2014?


This season is really important for me. The objective is to score points. After a year in this category, we aim to stay in the top 8 and score points to rank well overall in the GP3 Series World Championship. Finishing in the top 8 would be great, finishing in the top 5 would be excellent, and finishing on the podium would be perfect! Let’s cross our fingers!


How do you manage your packed schedule, juggling training, TV appearances and all your races?


It’s quite challenging to juggle everything at the same time. Fortunately for me, I’m doing well at school so I can take more time off for my races and my appearances as sports commentator for the Swiss TV. My thanks go to my enthusiastic family, who gives me a lot of support, and to my loyal sponsors for helping me get ahead.



[Update 22 June 2015] Unfortunately, Mathéo did not reach his objectives at Red Bull Ring, but gained confidence for Silverstone race scheduled for 3-5 July.



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