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Women in Engineering: special issue of ‘Design World’ features Aemah Badri

décembre 14, 2020 · 2 durée de lecture (min)

“Fischer Connectors is not a company where you feel left out just because of your gender,” says Aemah Badri, Manufacturing Manager at Fischer Connectors USA (Atlanta, GA), in an interview with ‘Design World’ in a special issue entitled Women in Engineering. “I can speak on inclusiveness as I experience it every day with my colleagues. Different perspectives on the problem are much appreciated, and moreover they are being heard and implemented if they serve the purpose.”

Get inspired by Aemah’s journey and discover her view on Fischer Connectors’ culture in the whole interview with Design World (November 2, 2020).




“We all see things differently, and it is a huge advantage when it comes to finding the best solution while approaching the problem from different angles. Being a female engineer, I would like to encourage other women to enter this industry with no fear and join the company that appreciates you as a professional with your unique experience and opinion as well as matches your personal values.”




What first drew you to engineering and this industry?

“Since I was a kid, I always liked being a problem solver. I used to take a defect item, break it down and investigate the source of the problem to make it work. Yes, I went through a lot of failures trying to figure out the solution, but I was always up for a challenge and never gave up. I enjoy challenging problems that require a creative approach.


For example, in the place where I came from, toys were very expensive and my family could not afford them, so most of the time, my siblings and I used to create our own toys. The situation challenged us to think outside the box. It was quite common at the time to attach wheels to a piece of wood and use it to slide down the hill. A few things that I was able to do is give aesthetic features to a piece of wood, attach another piece of wood with wheels, so my sister could join me at the same time, and finally was able to add a braking mechanism to the cart. Those fun activities always encouraged me to think about being an engineer.


Since childhood, my strong belief was that engineers are problem solvers and world developers, and I always wanted to be one of them.”

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