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Much more than sales people

décembre 10, 2021 · 3 durée de lecture (min)

If you’ve already met them, you know they are much more than sales people. Like their colleagues around the world, the sales team we are presenting here live our company’s values of excellence, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and collaboration. Their activities cover Switzerland and over 20 other countries where there’s no Fischer Connectors subsidiary, including Israel where one member of this small and dynamic team is located.

From left to right: Swen Balducci, Idan Elias, Andrea Coller, Pascal Schwab.
From left to right: Swen Balducci, Idan Elias, Andrea Coller, Pascal Schwab.
Andrea Coller, Sales Team Lead
Andrea Coller, Sales Team Lead

Andrea Coller, Sales Team Lead  

« It’s funny how people react when I tell them with bright eyes that I work for a ‘connectors’ company – how pumped I am and how much I can talk about it. I’ve joined the company in the wave of a very exciting period, as we are working hard to provide our customers with new solutions that cover the entire value chain of connectivity, from connectors, through cable assemblies, to electronic solutions. These solutions which we tailor to our customers’ specific needs and requirements sometimes support quite complex projects, and this challenging part is both fun and motivating.​​​​​​ »

« First of all, I must say I’m quite proud to be part of a very strong multinational group, which is present on almost all continents – as far as I am aware of, there’s no plan yet to settle offices down in Antarctica! When I first joined Fischer Connectors back in 2017, the transparency of the glass architecture of our headquarters building really caught my eyes. I was amazed to see so much natural light reaching all parts of the offices and production areas! What I enjoy the most in my job is to make the link between our customers and distributors and our internal organization. And in some way, to be the brand and product Ambassador of Fischer Connectors to our customers. »

Fischer Connectors we exceed customers' expectations

Pascal Schwab, Sales Manager, World Distribution  

Fischer Connectors personal responsibility

Swen Balducci, Sales Manager, Switzerland  

« I love the mindset and culture of the company, the people, the internal collaboration between the departments, as well as the diversity and ‘extremeness’ of the domains in which our products and solutions are employed. There’s no routine: each day is a new adventure! In this digitalized era, the partnership between companies is more important than ever, that’s why I enjoy taking care of the relationships and good communications with our customers. It’s an aspect that must be followed and improved every day. »

« What excites me the most in working at Fischer Connectors is that it is a technology-driven company. It’s a great thing to have state-of-the-art products in our portfolio, the will of this company to sell and master not only what was already developed in the past, but to be open to the customer’s needs, to identify new technological trends and to invest and develop the right technology, to create the next product, to master a new market. »

Fischer Connectors lasting value

Idan Elias, Country Manager, Israel  

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