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About ‘purpose’: Alain Lafourcade’s personal story in the ICU

September 17, 2020 · 1 min read

“That day, I clearly realized what ‘purpose’ meant to me”, wrote Alain Lafourcade, President of Fischer Connectors North & South America, in the personal story he recently shared with his LinkedIn community. Three years ago, he was brought to the ICU room’s bedside of a close relative whose life was being maintained by Getinge’s Cardiohelp heart-lung support system.


Alain Lafourcade’s Linkedin post as a comment to Fischer Connectors’ publication of the case study on Cardiohelp:

Alain Lafourcade, President, Fischer Connectors, Inc., USA

A personal story:


Just over three years ago, Théo (age 12) was diagnosed with leukemia.


We were devastated, but told that although the road ahead would be long and difficult, his chances of recovery were good.


The first 10 months were hard, but went as planned.


In November 2017, his health suddenly deteriorated and he ended up fighting for his life in septic shock. Then just days before Christmas, his condition became life-threatening.


The septicemia had attacked his lungs; the lack of oxygen in his blood was dangerous. He needed ECMO (Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation) and the surgery was performed in his bed in the ICU.


This amazing machine replaced his heart and lungs for more than 20 days while his lungs recovered.


One thing is clear: ECMO saved his life.


Theo is now 16 and ended chemotherapy only a few months ago, after three and a half years.


But thinking back to the ICU room, the ECMO machine. When I looked more closely, and saw a dozen connectors made by Fischer– can you imagine my emotion?


Quite often we talk about ‘purpose’. That day, I clearly realized what it meant to me.


One of our beliefs at Fischer Connectors is: Even a connector company can change the world. On that day, Fischer Connectors and Getinge employees changed my family’s world forever.


#Thankyou #FischerConnect #Getinge

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